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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need power?
No! All devices are run by lithium cell batteries.
How long do the batteries last?
Up to 4 Years. This depends on the number of activations. With 2-3 activations per month it can be up to 4 years.
How does it transmit the video?
GSM Technology. The system transmits a 10 second video clip when it alarms using mobile GSM technology.
Can we dial in and look at these cameras in real time?
No. To conserve energy consumption the system only transmits when it goes into alarm.
How many devices can go on one panel and at what range?
Up to 24! Can be connected wireless to the panel and can be positioned up to 300 metres from the panel with clear line of site. It will still work through buildings; but the range will be reduced.
Can you convict people in court with these images?
Generally Not! On occasions with good lighting and the person walking a short distance from the sensor you will be able to pick out an identity. However this system should not be considered as a surveillance system, simply an early warning with video verification.
What is the range of the PIR and infra red?
Up to 12m. External with night time vision.
Does it comply to UK regulations?

Yes! In the UK signed off as Grade 2 Alarm Panel for internal use, which is Grade 2 EN50131 and DD243 compliant.

Where are the images stored?
Central Server. They are stored on a central server and sent out to email addresses and mobile devices. They will also be emailed to your designated data controller for data protection requirements.
Do police attend?
Yes! We call the police when there is suspicion of criminal offences. Police attend as a priority as we provide video verification of the alarm.
Who Monitors the Alarm?
24/7 NSI Gold Monitoring Centre. Our systems are Monitored by a dedicated 24/7 NSI Gold CCTV Monitoring Centre and can also be self monitored by the client on suitable mobile devices, such as iphones etc. The cost is the same, however here the customer can get immediate access to alarmed events through the use of a mobile app or downloadable software application.
What if someone attempts to remove a device or destroys it?
Alarmed Event. Any attempt to remove any of the sensors, panel and siren will lead to an alarmed event. Consequently we are notified if thieves try to remove the security cameras as part of the theft.
Who is liable for Damages and Theft of the Equipment?
Customer takes ownership. As this equipment is rented the customer takes ownership and will need to insure against this happening. An agreed deposit will be taken up front to cover some of the cost of replacing any equipment after the rental.
How is the Siren and the 2 Way Audio Operated?
Visual Confirmation. Our operators can activate an external siren and strobe on visual confirmation or a 2 way external audio system. This will only be activated on confirmed activation at our Monitoring Centre, thereby ensuring nearby residents are not unnecessarily disturbed. There is also a 2 way audio facility with external speaker that can be added as an optional extra.
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